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There was an article floating around the webs a couple of months back that suggested that the color blue is a relatively recent invention, and that modern humans actually didn’t see or identify the color until someone gave it a name. If that’s true, then it’s possible that Audi has added a new chapter to our perception of the color, with the new Santorini Blue offered on the 2016 Audi R8. If a time machine suddenly transported this vehicle back to a group of pre-blue humans, they’d have had to come up with a word on the spot for it, even if they couldn’t tell what color it was.

(Okay, I know, they would probably be fleeing in terror because a V10-powered sports car had just appeared in the middle of a field about 5,000 years before the invention of carbon fiber, but don’t think too hard about that part.)

Santorini Blue Pearlescent is a new color coming to the Audi R8 for 2016. It’s a different hue from the color of the same name used by BMW, but stunning in its own right and well-suited to the R8s’ road-hugging body.

The brilliant blue is teamed with a Havana Brown leather interior sporting contrast stitching on the seats and a matching diamond pattern on the Alcantara headliner. The interior features a black leather dash top with Havana Brown stitching and a massive, 12-inch “Virtual Cockpit” digital instrument panel, as well as matching door panels. It’s a definite visual upgrade from the standard R8.

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