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The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale is a rolling piece of Italian car design history. Unlike the sportier and more popular 105 and 115 GTs, GTVs and GTAs that replaced it, it’s more of a pocket-sized grand touring car than it is a sport coupe. The product of Carrozzeria Bertone, its mid-century, space-age shape was the result of lessons learned from the super-aerodynamic Alfa Romeo-Bertone Berlinetta Aerodinamica Technica design studies.

Almost visually identical to the Giulietta Sprint Speciale, the Giulia was powered by a slightly larger 1.6-liter engine. The Giulietta was originally conceived to go up against Zagato’s Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ, which shared similar underpinnings, but the Bertone car’s steel bodywork was too cumbersome to bring the fight to the alloy-bodied Zagato. As a result, the Giulietta’s shortcomings as a sports car precipitated its transformation into the Giulia grand tourer.

Collectors have traditionally ignored the Sprint Speciale twins in favor of the faster and lighter 105s and 115s, but that’s changing quickly as they are recognized, the Giulia in particular, for their jaw dropping looks and capabilities as effortless, back-road touring cars.

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