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Audi has unveiled its latest Prologue concept car, and it’s a hybrid wagon with over 700 horsepower, 20-inch brake discs, and a digital butler that caters to your individualized tastes. It’s called the allroad, and it serves as a reimagining of the German brand’s highly practical A4 and A6 allroad models, sporting a new exterior design language, a high-tech interior, and a cutting-edge drivetrain. Audi says it can do it all, and if even half of the proposed features and specs make it to production, I’d be inclined to agree.

The new five-door will appear in public for the first time at this year’s Auto Shanghai show. This is the fourth Prologue vehicle we’ve seen from Audi, with the 2014 Prologue Coupe revealed in 2014 at the LA Auto Show, the 2015 Prologue Piloted Driving Concept at CES 2015, and the 2015 Prologue Avant revealed in Geneva this year.

The Prologue allroad comes with some pretty wild claims – supposedly, it’s fast but economical, sensible but comfortable. But all things considered, that’s par for the course for concepts. It’s one possible vision of things to come from the four-ring badge, which means all we can do is sit back and ask: why not?

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