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Although Audi has been known for its sporty station wagons since the Porsche-tuned RS2 Avant made history at its introduction back in 1994, the Ingolstadt carmaker has never had a true halo model featuring this type of body. Sure, the RS6 Avant can be called that from some points of view, but the model has never been a true halo car in the style of the R8, for example. The carmaker was actually close to offering an Avant version of the A8 in the early 2000s, even previewing such a model with the 2001 Avantissimo concept car, but the plans never came to fruition.

This situation may change in the near future though, along with a massive upgrade of Audi’s dated design language. I say this because the German carmaker just announced that a third version of its well-received Prologue Concept is to be unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, only this time the car will come with a twist. As its name implies, the Prologue Avant Concept will feature a station wagon body, with nothing but the front end to be based on the original Prologue.

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