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Detroit, Michigan will play host to the inaugural AutoMoto Film & Arts Festival, an all-new automotive and motorcycle festival from May 28 to May 30, 2015. The event is being billed as a three-day festival that celebrates the history of automobiles and motorcycles through various artistic platforms, including artworks, films, and literature.

The AutoMoto Film Festival is the brainchild of World Class Motoring and Islay Events with the support of Quicken Loans and Opportunity Detroit. Far more than simply being a gathering of like-minded automotive and motorcycle enthusiasts, the event is being described as an opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves to a different level of passion and understanding of the history of cars and bikes in the US. Rhere’s no more ideal setting to have this event than the Motor City, widely considered as the birthplace of automobiles in the country.

Motorcycles, in particular, will have a prominent spot in the festival as screenings of critically acclaimed films like “Why We Ride”, “Greasy Hands Preachers”, and “Havana Motor Club” are already stamped in the schedule. The films will be screened in a handful of venues throughout the city, including the The Filmore Detroit, Cinema Detroit, and the world famous Madison Theatre Building.

More programs, films, and events are also being prepared in time for the opening of the festival so you better keep your eyes and ears open for any developments.

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