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The imminent arrival of a new-generation BMW 7 Series has given rise to rumors that Munich may finally green-light a high-performance M7 version of its largest and most luxurious sedan. The reason why this would be a very big deal is because BMW had made it clear it won’t build an M7 ever since the smaller 3 Series, 5 Series, and 6 Series received such updates back in the 1980s. The reasoning is rather simple and logical: the Germans want the 7 Series to stay true to its initial role as a refined luxury sedan. A motorsport-derived engine would not only alter its smoothness, but the stiffer suspension needed to keep the more powerful vehicle on its best behavior would also affect its ride.

Customers after a high-performance 7 Series can always take it to Alpina, which has put together a very capable B7. But owning an Alpina isn’t quite as exciting as having a full-fledged M Power car in your driveway, is it now?

The most popular argument used against a potential M7 is that BMW never wanted to build one and never had. That’s not entirely true though. While Munich openly refused to build an M7 that could tackle the AMG-modified S-Class of Mercedes-Benz, there’s a certain 7 Series that received such treatment, albeit without an “M” badge. I’m talking about the 745i SA, a right-hand-drive sedan BMW sold in South Africa between 1984 and 1987 as part of the first-generation (E23) 7 Series.

It’s three decades old, I’ll give you that, but it’s the genuine M7 you probably never knew existed.

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