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Borile Motocicletti has announced its plan to launch the B300CR on June 18, 2015 in Milan, Italy. The eagerly anticipated debut of the B300CR comes 15 years after its predecessor, the half-litre B500CR first made waves at the dawn of the new century.

The company has yet to publish any photos of the bike, presumably waiting until its debut next week to showcase the goods. That shouldn’t deter the anticipation from people who’ve waited too long to see a successor to the much-lauded B500CR, considered by most as one of the most elegant Italian motorcycles built this century. Yup. That’s saying something.

From what I’ve seen from a handful of social media sites, the B300CR is expected to retain the polished, all-metal finish that came to define the B500CR. That’s great news if the former wants to keep the same level of esteem that the latter has enjoyed since it first broke into the scene 15 years ago.

You can also expect generous amounts of aluminum on the B300CR, particularly on the rear subframe, the fenders, and the fuel tank. That aesthetic image plays well with the all-metal appearance of the bike and should make for a lightweight bike that can take full advantage of the Loncin 297cc air-cooled motor it will supposedly come in.

The bike’s price has also been thrown around in the rumor pipeline. There’s still no confirmation of the bike’s price, but it appears that the number could be around €6,000, which would be about $6,750 based on current exchange rates.

*Note: Photo is of the Borile B500CR.

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