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The Can-Am Spyder may not have the greatest reliability track record in the world, but that hasn’t stopped buyers from taking the plunge and buying the three-wheeler anyway. And so, seven years after the first Spyder was handed over to Jay Leno in 2008, the plucky three-wheeler has finally reached 100,000 units sold status.

The announcement was made at the SpyderFest banquet, considered as the largest Spyder gathering in the world. The event is currently taking place in Springfield, Missouri where over 1,200 Spyder owners and enthusiasts are attending. One of them, Brahm Wilson, recently purchased a Spyder and by sheer luck and happenstance, the model he’s taking home just so happened to be the 100,000th Can-Am Spyder.

Appropriately, Wilson was presented with the keys of his brand-new Spyder at the SpyderFest banquet, instantly earning him a pinch of celebrity status among the Spyder owners who witnessed the historic turnover. It’s a pretty neat way to take delivery of a three-wheeler nobody expected would be the 100,000th Spyder. If anything, Wilson might be smart enough to keep his brand-new Spyder as spotless as possible, knowing full well that this isn’t just any other Spyder model.

Then again, the three-wheeler is meant to be ridden out on the road and despite the temptation of not riding it due to its historical significance in the Can-Am universe, something tells me that Wilson will enjoy every last ounce of run he can have with his newest motorcycle purchase.

As well he should because he certainly earned it.

BRP Celebrates Selling 100,000th Can-Am Spyder At Spyderfest originally appeared on on Friday, 1 May 2015 16:36 EST.

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