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Certain car companies have begun to re-emphasize the level of quality and craftsmanship that can be offered in cars when you have employees that specialize. Many companies like Nissan, with the GT-R, use specialized manufacturing for engine construction. The result is a special engine that bears the name of its creator emblazoned under the hood. Chevrolet took this one step further a few years ago when they offered their “Engine Build Experience” for buyers of the Corvette ZR1. This allowed a buyer to have a hand in crafting their specific car, and it was a big hit for the American company. The ZR1 may be dead, but the Engine Build Experience will live on thanks to the new Z06.

Starting this March, buyers who want a shiny new Z06 to park in their drive, can tick the option box labeled PBC to build their engine themselves. PBC is short for Performance Build Center, and the option tacks $5,000 onto the sticker. That may seem like a stiff bill to save GM some money on labor costs, but in actuality there will be a normal engine assembly technician with you every step of the way to supervise and make sure nothing goes wrong. You will also get a personalized engine plaque with your signature mounted to the engine as well as professional photography of the whole ordeal.

For that extra bit of awesome, GM is quick to remind buyers that they can also choose the R8C option for museum delivery. This will give them a VIP tour of the plant and allow them to drive their new Corvette home from the National Corvette Museum, located across the street from the factory.

If you want a new Z06, and you want your car to have that little extra personal touch, then this seems like the best way.

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