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Daihatsu Xenia Type R All New Sporty

All New Daihatsu Xenia R Sporty – Offer Design and New Features   All New Xenia. Once PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) named the newest generation of the Daihatsu Xenia. As Daihatsu’s best-selling car of ADM, said “All New” does indicate a total change.

Daihatsu Xenia Type R All New Sporty

As the twin of the Toyota All New Avanza, what the hell is actually a change that has been painstakingly formulated to All New Daihatsu Xenia that is expected to again become a best-selling MPV? Let’s refer to review the following exclusive BosMobil team that had tested the Daihatsu Xenia Type R All New Sporty M / T. design Held the nickname of All New, inevitably had to be completely overhauled ADM exterior and interior All New Daihatsu Xenia. And according to the assessment team, this is done the agent of the brand holder (APM) Daihatsu cars in Indonesia in a way that is significant.

On the exterior, for example, use the All New Xenia front grille design that is completely new compared to previous generation Daihatsu Xenia let alone a special type of R which is the highest families of the All New Daihatsu Xenia. This section chrome plated screen so it looks more elegant. Section still face, the shape of head lamp, front bumper and hood are also changing. Head lamp is now larger dimensions, bumper made ​​with a more dynamic grooves, while the hood is formed with the addition of an accent instead of two straight lines which led to the decisive character of the front grill.

From part advance we went to the side the left and right for then details go to the stern. On the sides, pull-pull dynamic design on All New Xenia. Amendment of this section than the previous generation Daihatsu Xenia is minimal, but sufficient to give a “taste” fresh. Moreover, the All New Xenia now has a rim ring 14 with a new design. Then on the back, All New Xenia got a new rear lamp combonation. The shape is wide and tapered at each corner compared to the previous stop lamp Daihatsu Xenia. In addition the design of the rear door and rear bumper is also made more sexy.

Ok, happy to see a total change in the outside, time to get into the cabin All New Xenia. The first impression upon seeing the interior design team All New Xenia that is more elegant than the old Daihatsu Xenia. Shape the design of the dashboard is made with a wider mix plus two tone color combination of dark gray and beige create the impression of a more elegant, even compared to the All New Toyota Avanza. Meanwhile, the color tone on tone will be retained in the seat upholstery to the 7-passenger, while still using the same fabric material with Daihatsu Xenia earlier but raises a more cozy feel. But unfortunately glosy plastic material used in some parts even create the impression of a cheap, such as air conditioning controls on the dashboard and gear lever.

Still dibekalinya 1.298cc engine DOHC 4-cylinder VVT-i coded K3-VE from Daihatsu Xenia previous generation all-new driving sensation similar Xenia was “the brother”. Capitalized, 5-speed manual transmission, new power engine speed was increased sata has more than 3,000 rpm.

The suspension system is still supported type MacPherson Struts with coil on the front and 5-link rigid axle with coil on the back also makes handling All New Xenia was “11-12″ when compared to the previous Xenia Diahatsu. Swerved to the left and right feels nimble, but if handling at high speeds, car symptoms remain bewildered as old Xenia. When trying a little taste of power from the engine All New Xenia, the team is only able to make the speedometer needle touched 165 km / h when the maximum number indicated 180 km / h. At such speeds, we recommend to immediately release the gas pedal for safety reasons

Speak comfort, though it was quite a lot of change in the design, it turns out well when the differences are behind the wheel and when sitting in the passenger seat behind the All New Xenia less significant than the Daihatsu Xenia previous generations. Feasibility toward the front or the left-right and rear remains the same, meaning the team did not encounter obstacles when have to drive All New Xenia both the capital in a traffic jam or low MPV spurred this on the freeway. Values ​​over which the All New Xenia feature electronic power steering which makes steering All New Xenia was light and easy to make 4.140mm x 1.660mm car dimensionless x 1.695mm is curved in the middle of traffic congestion in Jakarta.

In terms of passenger comfort, especially for passengers in the second and third row seats, Daihatsu spoiled with double blower air-conditioning that did not previously exist in the Daihatsu Xenia. In addition the second row seats, but can bend sebagimana seat as the third line, the middle row seats can be in forward-backed so that the second row seat legroom more spacious. However, the impact of the sliding seat mechanism on the passenger space is terpangkasnya third row seat. When teams try to sit in the third row bench, bend your knees need extra time in the second row seats pushed back. Diahatsu lucky to have added to the suspension stabilizer All New Xenia, so the rear passengers especially those sitting in the third row seat terllalu not wander blindly crossed the median time a bumpy road, although the “flavor”-ajrutan ajrut typical suspension still feels Daihatsu Xenia.

Sprinkled with new features, it’s the team felt when doing the test drive session All New Daihatsu Xenia. Besides ELECTORNIC power steering, air conditioning double blowwer, ADM also buried another feature on the All New Xenia. Include tilt steering, parking sensors, door handle to grip with lamp. For entertainment there are tools Double Din head unit that can read CD format, MP3, DVD, USB, Aux-in, SD Card, up to navigation. So in addition to providing entertainment while vacationing with family members, the head unit is also able to guide you toward a specific location the help of satellite GPS circuitry. Interesting is not it?!

As the highest caste of the family of all-new Daihatsu Xenia, Xenia ADM membanderol All New Sporty Type R 5-speed manual transmission is priced at Rp.163, 8 million on the road in Jakarta. Compared to other MPV, All New Xenia offers a variety of new features and design has changed radically in order to compete with competitors such as Nisan Grand Livina or Toyota All New avanza.

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