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When Dodge showcased the Viper ACR Concept at the 2014 SEMA Show, I began to wonder whether Chrysler finally realized that the ACR needs to return at the top of Viper lineup. Come 2015, and its seems the ACR Concept was just a teaser of things to come, as Dodge has just unveiled a new Viper ACR. The nameplate returns for the second time, after a five-year hiatus, with an aerodynamic package that’s arguably the most extreme in the Viper’s 22-year history.

The ACR, short for American Club Racing, was initially introduced in 1999, three years into the second generation of the V-10-powered sports car. Available as a coupe only, the ACR received an array of aerodynamic and mechanical updates for improved performance at the track. Discontinued for the third-gen Viper, the track-ready machine returned in 2008 with even more updates. In 2011, it lapped the Nurburgring track in 7 minutes and 12.13 seconds, now the sixth-fastest lap for a production car on the “Green Hell.”

Whether Dodge is out to set a new benchmark at the ’Ring is yet unknown, but Dodge’s press release does speak about “unprecedented lap times.” And judging by the new aero bits added to the ACR, it would be more than capable to improve the previous benchmark on the Nordschleife. Join me in the review below for more details on the 2016 Viper ACR.

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