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Donkervoort is set to release a new toy in the form of the D8 GTO Bilster Berg Edition. Will it be an even wilder machine or just a snazzed-up D8 GTO?

Apart from Caterham and a varying number of British kit car manufacturers building the so-called Locosts, there aren’t many people out there who can brag about offering a somewhat modern take of Colin Chapman’s Lotus Seven. Among them is Joop Donkervoort, a Lotus fan who founded the Donkervoort car brand back in 1978, transforming it since then into a bona fide family business.

Donkervoort’s latest offering in terms of ultra-lightweight sports cars is the 2012 D8 GTO, arguably the most impressive model to ever come out of the Dutch factory’s gates. Largely based on the D8 GT, the super sports model is powered by the awesome-sounding inline-five from the Audi TT-RS and RS3 that offers between 340 and 380 horsepower, which only has to move around 1,500 pounds of vehicle. With Donkervoort celebrating the fact that it recently opened a new facility in Germany, right in the heart of the Bilster Berg Drive Resort, the Dutch car maker will manufactur a limited edition of the D8 GTO dubbed the Bilster Berg Edition.

Just 14 examples of the D8 GTO Bilster Berg Edition will be ever made, a number which Donkervoort says it represents the successful year 2014 for the company. The model, which was developed on the Bilster Berg circuit itself and earned the best lap time on the circuit, features a number of updates compared to the regular model. In theory, this should make it the top-of-the-range model in an otherwise petite lineup.

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