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Italian bikemaker Ducati and motorcycle accessory manufacturer Dainese became the latest recipients of the “Professor Ferdinand Porsche” award in recognition of their roles in developing the latter’s D considered as the best personal airbag deployment system in the market today. The system is available in the Ducati Multistrada 1200S D, which itself made history as the first mass-produced motorcycle to receive the same award.

Federico Sabbioni, Head of Vehicle Project Management at Ducati and Luigi Ronco, Head of Research and Development at Dainese, received the award late last week a the Vienna University from Professor Bernhard Geringer, director of the Institute for Vehicle Engines and Automotive Technology at Vienna University of Technology and the coordinator of the Committee of Organisers of the “Porsche Award”.

Both Ducati and Dainese were recognised for their roles in developing one of the most innovative technologies in the automotive segment. It’s an even bigger accomplishment for the two companies since the award is normally won by people from the automotive industry. Back in 2013, Dr. Magnus Mackaldener, development engineer at Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania took home the award. Past winners also include Dr. Wolfgang Huhn of Audi for the development and use of new LED lighting technology in automobiles and Prof. Herbert Kohler of Daimler AG for his role in developing lithium ion batteries for automotive applications.

Evidently, Sabbioni and Ronco are now in good company for spearheading the move to provide a safer environment for riders, especially those competing in any one of the high-octane motorcycle racing series in the calendar. Dainese’s D|Air rider airbag is on the verge of changing the definition of airbag systems, including its capability to provide full deployment and inflation in just 45 milliseconds.

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