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Since the mid-2000s, it seems that classic Ferraris have slowly but surely started to polarize pretty much every car auction, with certain examples being sold for seven or even eight figures on a regular basis. Some of the most notorious are V-12 models in either road or racing guises, with the latest example being a pristine 275 GTB (Grand Turismo Berlinetta) Competizione. The model recently exchanged owners at a Bonhams auction in Scottsdale for no less than $9,405,000, or about the same as a nice ocean-view property in Malibu.

This is no “ordinary” Ferrari 275 GTB though, as the Scaglietti-bodied racing car won the GT class at the 1967 Le Mans 24 Hours, after which it also achieved victories at the 1969 Spa-Francorchamps 1000 Km and the 1969 Imola 500 Km with the Swiss Scuderia Filipinetti team. Powered by a Colombo-designed V-12 with a displacement of 3.3 liters that was paired with a five-speed manual transmission, the 275 actually introduced Ferrari to the transaxle principle, where the gearbox and the rear axle are integrated into a single unit for better weight distribution.

The auctioned 275 GTB/C was designed for racing from the get go, with just about every part on the body and its drivetrain having been modified and improved for better track performance. Even the V-12 engine was positioned lower and further back into the body, while the car’s body panels were made from very slim aluminum reinforced with fiberglass at the rear section. This resulted in a car that was over 300 pounds lighter than the 275 GTB road car.

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