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I recently read that the world’s first trillionaire is quite close to becoming a real thing. Just so you’re aware, a trillion dollars is a $, then a one, followed by 12 zeroes. It’s so much money you could fund Red Bull’s entire annual Formula 1 effort nearly three times over. For a thousand years.

The rich are getting richer, as they say, and some of the results include truly spectacular supercars. Case in point, the $4.5 million Ferrari F12 TRS. This car is a specialized custom build on the venerable F12berlinetta platform, and it looks downright diabolical.

One is spotted here at the 2015 International Festival Automobile in Paris, and only two are known to exist. This particular example delighted the crowd with a startup of its astonishing V-12 engine and a few blips of the throttle. Even at idle, this thing sounds beastly. It revs hard and fast, exhibiting every ounce of racing pedigree instilled by the craftsmen in Maranello.

After some brief adoration of the noise from those quad exhaust tips, this video gives us an extensive walk around, getting up close and personal with the reworked body panels. Befittingly, the soundtrack is Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy,” which is appropriate because, when you get down to it, this machine is a fantasy. It’s incredibly rare, gorgeous to look at, fast as stink, and outrageously expensive. Hit play and feast your eyes.

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Ferrari F12 TRS Revs Its Engine: Video originally appeared on on Wednesday, 18 February 2015 18:00 EST.

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