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Have a child who wants more than a Power Wheels? Check out the supercar of toy cars.

There are many ways in which you can make your child happy, so buying him a toy that is not only enjoyable by both parents and children alike, but also helpful in their offsprings’ development is something of an oddity. The Henes Broon line of toy cars is exactly that, as its attempt of revolutionizing this rather traditional area has resulted in a pretty impressive product lineup.

The Broon F870 is in many ways a supercar for children, and just by looking at its specs out of context you would probably think that it is the latest variant of a sports car wearing the Tesla badge. Two electric motors, all-wheel drive, an electronic multi-link steering system and even a detachable seven-inch Android tablet are all proudly part of the vehicle’s credentials, not to mention the fact that it also comes with a Bluetooth controller that harks back to the ones used for RC cars.

In fact there are many full-size vehicles that come with less features or are less engineered than this four-foot-long supercar that barely achieves 10 mph, depending on how you configure it. For your child’s safety there is also a four-point harness that is very racing-like and a bucket seat, while the car stops automatically if its Bluetooth connection with the controller is lost or if it gets out of range. Its only major drawback at first viewing is that the South Korean company offering it doesn’t make the ordering process very straightforward and the vehicle’s price is said to hover around $1,000. Sure, that would make it multiple tens of times cheaper than a Tesla Model S P85D, but also quite a bit more expensive than your average electric car for children.

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