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French custom bike builder Holographic Hammer has unveiled the Ducati Scrambler “Hero 01”, a reimagined take on what the Scrambler ought to look like. It doesn’t have the all-encompassing changes you’d expect from a custom build, but for the purposes of keeping the spirit of the Scrambler intact whilst still making nips and tucks here and there, Holographic Hammer accomplished what it wanted to do with the Hero 01.

As I said, if you’re thinking about an overhauled Scrambler, the Hero 01 might disappoint you. Holographic Hammer’s work on the bike isn’t grounded on the belief that overwhelming changes needed to be made to make it look better than it already is.

Rather, the French builder went about giving the Scrambler a few tweaks to resemble those street racers from yesteryear. It removed close to 45 pounds by cleaning up the tail section by shortening it and taking out the rear mudguards. The standard two-up saddle of the Scrambler was also replaced with a one-up stitched seat, creating a more purposeful look that brings out more of that cafe racer DNA the original Scrambler.

A closer look at that section also reveals the presence of a Werkes USA shorty exhaust muffler and new forks from Cognito Moto. The belt covers were also taken out and the standard wheels were replaced with carbon fiber Rotobox versions that are probably the closest things to a posh upgrade over the standard Scrambler.

Up front, a more traditional headlight was installed, same with the handlebars, which now looks more natural with those leather-clad grips.

Flashy isn’t the best word to describe the Hero 01, but with the changes Holographic Hammer did to it, there’s no denying that we’re all looking at a more streamlined version of the cafe racer that imbibes the essence of what a daily ride should be.

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