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As the proliferation of knockoff red H-badges on eBay will confirm, the Civic Type R is definitely a highly desirable model. So much so, it was recently confirmed that the top-shelf hatchback has completely sold out in the U.K. until February, with dealers already placing orders for some 800 units.

That’s the news coming from the British publication Autocar, which quotes Honda’s U.K. boss Philip Crossman as saying the new 2016 Honda Civic Type R “…has already exceeded all our expectations.”

Crossman said that the company was previously aware of the car’s large and rabid fan base, but that the interest the new model has generated thus far has been “phenomenal.” He went on to add that the Type R has simply dominated Honda U.K.’s thinking in the past few months, and that it has proven integral to building brand interest and raising visibility.

The first units started arriving in the U.K. just last month.

Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, Honda announced at the New York Auto Show it would (finally) offer the Type R to American customers as part of the next-generation Civic lineup. Unfortunately, that means we won’t get our hands on the existing 306-horsepower, 168-mph rocket ship currently being enjoyed in Europe, but hey, at least it’s something to look forward to. 

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