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The rumors have been a’flyin lately when it comes to Apple’s intentions in the auto industry. The tech giant recently hired Johann Jungwirth, former president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research and Development, as Director of Mac Systems Engineering. Not only that, it’s also been reported that hundreds of Apple employees are currently working on a mysterious project codenamed “Titan,” with lots of action taking place at a secret automotive research lab. Throw in sightings of Apple-leased minivans wandering the Bay Area with complex equipment attached to their roofs, and you get predictions of a fully autonomous electric vehicle coming from Apple sometime in the future.

Well, here’s some more kindling for the rumor bonfire: investor and entrepreneur Jason Calacanis believes Apple will purchase Tesla Motors in the next 18 months for the unbelievable amount of $75 billion. Calacanis cites the recent reports listed above as potential indications of a buyout.

To quote a recent article from TechTimes:

“Given Tim Cook’s ‘obsession’ with renewable energy, Calacanis says it only makes sense that Apple is interested in buying Tesla. He also believes Tesla’s plan to take its five-inch thick batteries out of the Model S and into people’s garages to provide cheap electricity could further convince Apple to lay the $75 billion for Tesla. And given Apple’s reputation for introducing revolutionary new products in every market it enters, notwithstanding its lack of experience — think music, smartphones, and retail, Calacanis says Apple is the only company Musk will not be able to turn down.”

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