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MV Agusta Executive Vice President Giorgio Girelli has addressed rumors that his company was interested in bringing back another Italian motorcycle brand, namely Cagiva. If his words are to be believed, it does point to the direction of a revival happening at some point, though not any time soon.

Girelli didn’t mince his words on the idea of bringing back Cagiva, pointing out that the brand’s off-road segment would certainly complement the models MV Agusta is currently offering. Having Cagiva in the fold would certainly boost the company’s production volume, a business aspect that Girelli has been aggressive in trying to expand.

The company is currently forecasting around 12,000 units sold in 2015, a far cry from its intended goal of building 20,000 units ever year. Having Cagiva in the mix could help increase that volume, albeit at a steep cost of operating a separate brand entirely.

That’s where the predicament lies because MV Agusta is still trying to get its own house in order. Bringing back Cagiva would at least complicate that task, if not derail it entirely.

Still, there’s reason to be optimistic, especially if MV Agusta continues in this path to progress it has laid out for itself. If it can continue improving its products, it should translate to more units being sold, which would not only be great for business, but would also empower MV Agusta to seriously consider bringing back Cagiva.

For now, that’s the best case scenario. Whether MV Agusta does make it happen is an entirely different story. But for the purposes of dreaming of the return of Cagiva, here’s to hoping MV Agusta can make it happen.

If its CEO is optimistic about it, there’s no reason for us not to be.

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