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About a month ago, Topspeed published an article on the new Regera (pronounced “Re-YE-rah”); specifically, it’s transmission. Or lack thereof. Despite that, there’s still been a lot of confusion about how the Regera’s non-transmission works. To clear things up, we found this: A video from YouTuber Kyle.drive.s, aka Kyleengineers. In it, the professional race engineer and aerodynamacist explains a bit more thoroughly how the Koni Cirect Drive functions.

Just to review quickly: The engine connects to a “fluid coupling” device, which connects directly to an axle differential. On either side of the differential are a pair of 241-horsepower electric motors, which drive each wheel independently and directly. A third 214-horsepower motor drives the engine off the front of the crankshaft, allowing the 2016 Regera to accelerate on about 700 horsepower worth of electric power until the gas engine starts up. From there, the 1,100-horse gas engine pushes the car (assisted by the electric motors) to the car’s top speed.

All that’s covered pretty well by the first article. But in this video, we get an updated and slightly more in-depth look on how the whole system actually functions in real time.

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Koenigsegg Regera One Gear Transmission Explained: Video originally appeared on topspeed.com on Tuesday, 5 May 2015 16:00 EST.

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