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Christian Moe spent a week with a dying breed: a luxury, body-on-frame SUV. Check out what he thought of the GX 460 at

The Lexus GX 460 feels like a dinosaur on the road. Much of its underpinnings are shared with the 4Runner and have been around for more than a decade. The second-generation SUV debuted in 2009 with a new and more powerful engine as well as some revised suspension and equipment pieces, but it still retained the same body-on-frame chassis that the model debuted with way back in 2002. For 2014, Toyota has taken the second-generation machine and slapped a new coat of paint on it with some small visual tweaks and the new family “spindle” grille. Our 2015 model carries on with no major visual changes, but adds some new interior technology to the mix.

With modern crossovers dominating the market, is there room on the sales floor for an old-school, 5,000-pound SUV with legitimate off-road prowess? America’s love affair with the classic SUV has long since died, but after a week with this gigantic bruiser I couldn’t quite figure out why. With a true four-wheel drive system capable of tackling the tough stuff, a solid three-ton tow rating and seating for seven, the Lexus GX ticks off every box on my list.

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