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Lotus might be mulling the possibility of a crossover SUV, but the disciples of Colin Chapman at company headquarters in Hethel haven’t completely lost their minds. Proof of this is the new 3-Eleven project, Lotus’ forthcoming featherweight track-day car and successor to the 2-Eleven. Rumors suggest the 3-Eleven could have over 400 horsepower and could be capable of lapping the Nürburgring Nordschleife in the low seven-minute range.

According to a report from Autocar, the 3-Eleven will be powered by the same supercharged, Toyota-based, 3.5-liter V-6 from the Lotus Exige and Evora and could produce as much as 420 horsepower — far more power than the 2-Eleven, which used the company’s supercharged, 1.8-liter engine. Top speed will be in excess of 180 mph and 0-60 will take less than three seconds.

As you would expect from Lotus, low mass is a priority. It’s being built using the same suspension and extruded aluminum chassis found in the Exige S and will benefit from a stripped-out, race-style interior with composite seats and a protective roll bar. Larger, more aggressive aero elements will generate huge amounts of downforce, while a smaller windscreen reduces frontal area.

Expected to weigh under 2,000 pounds, the 3-Eleven will have a power to weight ratio on par with the Ferrari F12berlinetta, but will cost around $100,000 — a fraction of the Ferrari’s price tag. The base 3-Eleven will be a stripped-out, track-only model, but an optional road package will include lights and perhaps a few nods to everyday driver comfort at additional cost. However, don’t expect this to be the case here in the U.S. Like the 2-Eleven, the 3-Eleven won’t be certified for our public roads.

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