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The 2016 Evora 400 has just become the fastest Lotus on the brand’s Hethel test track, the British company announced today, claiming the new sports car bested the benchmark of its predecessor by no fewer than six seconds. Driven by Gavan Kershaw, technical manager for Lotus Motorsport, the Evora 400 lapped the course in 1:32, compared to the Evora S’ time of 1:38. Lotus says Kershaw used a “standard road specification prototype running on road tires and with standard road suspension.” However, the British company doesn’t explain what “prototype” actually means and whether a production unit would be able to obtain the same benchmark.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say Lotus is pulling tricks here, but I’ve seen too many record-setting cars not being able to deliver the same numbers in production-spec form. (I’m looking at you Bugatti Veyron and Nissan GT-R Nismo.)

Anyways, Lotus brags that the six-second improvement is due to the extra 55 horsepower injected into the Evora 400’s engine, the 48.5 pounds shaved off the previous car, and the improved traction from the new limited-slip differential. In all, the six-second lap update seems plausible.

“Internally, we all knew that the Evora 400 would be capable of exceeding expectations. Our initial pre-production tests provided immense confidence and a six seconds lap time advantage at Hethel. Our commitment to reducing weight to create a lightweight and efficient supercar has paid off,” said Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales.

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