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In a move that would fill the space left between the 650S supercar and the astronomically potent P1 hypercar, McLaren looks to be building a “track-focused development of the 650S” called the 675LT. With a nod to the F1 GTR “Long Tail,” which competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance races of the late-90s, the limited-production 675LT would pack an even bigger punch than its 650S sibling, wringing every last ounce of performance possible from the platform.

Featuring enhanced aerodynamics, less weight, and even more power, the 675LT will essentially be offered as a barely-road-legal race car. It may bear all the appropriate markings of something you’d find out on a public highway, like headlights, a windshield, turn signals, and tires with grooves, but given the appropriate environment, the 675LT would handily trounce just about any competitor in a contest of speed. However, this extra performance also come at a hugely inflated price over the $265,500 650S.

Updated 02/25/2015: McLaren announced the first official images and details on the new 675LT with less than a week before the car’s official debut in Geneva.

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McLaren 675LT originally appeared on on Wednesday, 25 February 2015 09:00 EST.

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