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Life as a niche automaker is far from easy. Just ask Aston Martin how it managed to stay afloat for all these years and you’ll understand why most companies are now part of bigger corporations. But while the likes of Lamborghini, Bugatti and Ferrari are flourishing under Volkswagen and Fiat, respectively, some carmakers plan to continue independently. McLaren is one of them, and according to executive director of sales and marketing Jolyon Nash, that won’t change anytime soon.

Nash argues that staying independent allows McLaren to develop products that keep up with technology and the latest legislative requirements. Simply put, instead of being forced to play by the parent company’s rules, independent automakers are in charge of their own destinies, choosing whether to shift toward, say, innovation or sustainability. Or both, because McLaren has already proven it can do it without jumping on the SUV bandwagon.

Nash also thinks that not being dependent on a parent company means McLaren can update its products in a more efficient way. “We’re very quick to move. Our product development life cycles are very efficient. In an industry like this, those are great advantages,” he said in an interview, according to Automotive News.

Of course, staying independent requires significant profits, which is why McLaren is off to an unprecedented lineup expansion that includes three vehicle tiers and nearly 10 models, both road-legal and track-only, with even more underway.

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