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.. A cheaper Mini Cooper 5-Door with less than 100 horsepower and no frills; is it really worth buying? Find out at

Much like any other fashion statement, Mini Coopers don’t come cheap. For instance, the base two-door hardtop model costs more than a Toyota Corolla and it’s nearly as expensive as the Camry at $20,700 before options. Add a John Cooper Works badge and the sticker jumps to $30,100, only $2,850 short of the base BMW 3 Series. Yes, I know I’m comparing apples to kumquats, but there really is no car to compare it to except for the Fiat 500. And that’s mainly because Mini chose to turn the tiny, revolutionary vehicle of the 1950s into a larger accessory on wheels that comes in many shapes and sizes. With people complaining about the price tags of the new Mini, the British company rolled out the Mini One in 2014. Powered by a new 1.2-liter three-cylinder and sporting slightly fewer features, the One became the cheapest offering of the Mini lineup, costing around 10 percent less than the base Cooper. For 2015, however, Mini is lowering the nameplate’s starting price even more with a new model that goes by the name One First.

Launched as a five-door model at first, the One First makes use of the One’s 1.2-liter three-cylinder, but output drops well below 100 horsepower. Although there’s significantly less power traveling to the pavement, the hatch’s improved fuel economy is likely to make drivers forget about the sluggish acceleration. Let’s have a better look at this brand-new trim after the jump.

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