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It’s difficult find a vehicle that does everything, even when you’re spending quite a bit of money on it. First proposed in the late ’70s and developed in the early ’80s, the HMMWV (Humvee) made for an excellent vehicle for conventional warfare and it still does. The only trouble with that being that more recent conflicts haven’t been conventional. In asymmetric warfare, essentially every vehicle potentially becomes a front-line vehicle, and vehicles built to be purely scout/support vehicles become extremely vulnerable.

The Humvee was replaced by much bigger and unwieldy Cougar MRAPs to solve the problem of lack of armoring. But the big MRAPs (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) lacked the off-road capability of the Humvee, so a third type of vehicle needed to be developed in order to bridge this gap. Thus the M-ATV, an all-terrain version of the MRAP. From a glance it is obviously much smaller and more nimble than a Cougar MRAP, while also being much more protected than a Humvee.

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