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National Geographic has handled a wide variety of subjects over the years. Many of these have been related to nature, but you’d probably be surprised how many haven’t. The upcoming “Driving America” will encapsulate the history of the American automobile and its impact on our society in a two-hour special. Some of it will be technical in nature, looking at early steam-powered versions of the automobile or the much newer Tesla electric cars. But it seems that it will focus much more on car culture, and how it has shaped our lives.

It is surprisingly difficult to make television shows about cars that will be watched by anyone other than hardcore enthusiasts. Top Gear had a good formula, but there are only so many copies of the same format that you can watch. National Geographic has dealt with cars in the past, but many of these shows have relied heavily on archival footage and overly dramatic music and voiceovers to cover for what is ultimately pretty boring stuff. But this being a special and not a part of series, it will hopefully be treated differently, and some real money will be spent making it.

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National Geographic’s "Driving America" Premieres On May 25 originally appeared on on Thursday, 21 May 2015 19:00 EST.

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