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Fans of the Need For Speed franchise have had a rough year. It has been about that long since news came out that Ghost Games, the Swedish studio that has been handling the NFS games for EA since 2013’s Need For Speed Rivals, was laying off staff and that the layoffs would mean a delay on the next title. But now we finally have word that a new title will be brought out in the fall, called simply: Need For Speed. EA is calling this a “reboot,” which explains the return of the original name, although it isn’t explained in what other way this is a reboot.

There have been a few images so far, a couple of an older Porsche 911, a new Mustang and a Nissan 180SX, all of them with visible modifications. There is also a short video clip showing these cars racing and fleeing from the cops. Pretty standard Need For Speed stuff, and it looks like there will be some impressive graphics as well. More information is said to be coming next month, which we assume will include a longer trailer.

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