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With the 2015 Geneva Motor Show set to kick off on March 3rd, car manufacturers are busy releasing teasers and announcements of their upcoming products. This year’s show will host a ton of debuts, ranging from production SUVs and supercars to concept vehicles that preview automobiles we will eventually find in showrooms. Suzuki, Infiniti and Giugiaro have already announced plans to reveal brand-new concepts in Geneva, but the list of automakers aiming to showcase their latest design studies just grew larger to include Nissan.

Named the Sway, the brand’s newest concept car has no more than a teaser as of 02/24/2015, with very few details to hint at what to expect. However, Nissan did say it will preview a small Euro-spec hatchback, which I believe it is likely to slot between the tiny Micra and the Pulsar. The succinct press release tells us the Sway benefits from the same “innovative design and product planning” that gave birth to the Qashqai and Juke, but Nissan stopped short of providing any actual information. Granted, that’s no more than just a green light for speculation before the actual vehicle becomes official in Geneva. Check it out below.

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