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In a move that effectively resets the leaderboard for the world’s leading performance car manufacturers, the top brass overseeing Germany’s infamous Nurburgring race track have decided to ban automakers from attempting and publishing record times.

The news comes from the folks behind APEX, a yet-to-be-released documentary on the technological clash between the most recently released breed of halo cars. The people associated with the doc had originally arranged to spend a week at the ‘Ring with Christian Von Koenigsegg and the 2015 Koenigsegg One:1 hypercar as he prepared to make an attempt at a new lap record. It was all part of Koenigsegg’s three-year plan to establish the One:1 as the fastest production car in the world, but days before departing for Germany, the APEX team received notice that new restrictions had been put in place. Now, it looks like the Swedish manufacturer will need to find a new benchmark to back its claims, along with every other sports car maker in the world.

The reasoning behind the ban? It’s reported that the DMSB, German motorsport’s governing body, made the decision based on an accident that occurred earlier this year at a VLN Nurburgring Endurance event in which the No.23 Nissan GT-R driven by British driver Jann Mardenborough flipped into the spectator side of the catch fence at the Flugplatz corner. One spectator was killed and several others were injured.

The incident prompted the establishment of speed restrictions on several sections of the track, including a 124-mph limit at the Flugplatz, Antoniusbuche, and Schwedenkreuz corners. The Dottinger Hohe section is now under a 155-mph limit. 

Nurburgring management says it will review the restrictions by the end of the year. 

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