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Peugeot has once again stepped up its hot-hatch game with the release of the new 308 GTi, which brings an ultra-efficient turbocharged 1.6-liter engine available in two levels of tune, an enhanced exterior aesthetic, and an interior chock full of performance cues.

Inspired by Peugeot’s extended GTi pedigree, the beefy five-door sees upgrades in all areas; some subtle, some less so, but all in the name of standing out in a market awash with hot-hatches.

Peugeot Brand CEO Maxime Picat says the car has created a good deal of excitement among performance enthusiasts, especially those familiar with the brand’s history of turning out quick cars with an odd number of doors. The 308 GTi follows the likes of the 205 GTi, 208 GTi, and RCZ R, all of which have contributed to the automaker’s claim of selling 800,000 units of its “sportier models.”

It all sounds great, but with so many fantastic hot-hatches to choose from, how does the 308 GTi stack up?

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