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Peugeot introduced the RCZ back in 2009 as a sports coupe iteration of the 308 compact. Built on PSA’s ubiquitous PF2, front-wheel-drive platform, the RCZ has been well-received, gaining several awards in Europe and praise for its agile handling, powerful gasoline engines and frugal diesel mills. The performance-oriented RCZ R also received rave reviews, being described as a better option to the dull Audi TT. Come 2015, and the RCZ R has grown a bit long in the tooth, especially with a brand-new TTS around the corner. However, Peugeot isn’t willing to give up just yet and introduced a new special-edition model.

Dubbed Bimota Special Edition, the coupe was created in collaboration with the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Bimota, and is distinguished by an exclusive racing-like livery and various interior and drivetrain upgrades. Keep reading for the full run-down on the most powerful RCZ R ever created.

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