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What makes a German luxury car even cooler? Adding “Black” somewhere in its name! And that is exactly what Porsche has done with the 911 Carrera Black Edition.

So what exactly is a “Black Edition” 911? Well, it’s black inside and out, for one. Therefore, for those of you living in SoCal, Florida, Arizona, or any other areas where the sun feels like it is approximately three inches from your nose nine months out of the year, this may not be the car for you. Unless you enjoy intoxicating scent of searing hamstrings on a hot summer day, that is.

Other than its oh-my-god-that’s-hot, black-on-black color scheme, the 911 Black Edition gives buyers a few exclusive bits and a ton of features for only a fraction of the price if you ticked them manually at the dealership. By my count, you save about two-thirds the amount by opting for the Black Edition when compared to going through the options list on a base 911 Carrera and adding all of the features.

So, do all of these discounted standard features make it worth owning this Porsche Easy Bake Oven?

Continue reading to find out.

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