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All the added power and fun of a 911 GTS is now availalbe with the unique roof offered by the Targa.

Porsche has a very predictable model lineup. For decades, the German company has released a 911, then followed that with a set of variations that alternate between coupes, convertibles, rear-wheel-drive models, all-wheel-drive models models, Targa, Turbo and various horsepower iterations of standard, S and GTS. Despite a wide array of models, one 911 that has never existed is a Targa version of the powerful naturally aspirated 911 GTS with all-wheel drive. That all changed at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show with the 911 Targa 4 GTS.

The Targa 4 GTS 911 is exactly as it sounds. Porsche has taken the classic Targa with its removable roof panel, but has fitted it with the powerful 430-horsepower, flat-six engine and Porsche’s advanced AWD system. The GTS is a great model for buyers who want the roofline and strength of a coupe, but want the open-air experience afforded by a convertible.

Thanks to a host of included bonus options inside and out, the new Targa 4 GTS is the fastest, most powerful and most luxurious naturally aspirated Targa 911 you can buy today.

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