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Motorcycle apparel brand Rev’It is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Like most companies, a 20th anniversary is cause for celebration and that’s exactly what Rev’It plans to do when it rolls out the #95 adventure bike.

If you’re wondering whether Rev’It is already starting to dive into the world of custom motorcycles, don’t get your hopes up. This project has all the makings of a one-off and for the company’s own standards, it’s a pretty ambitious project at that.

The #95 will be the crown jewel of Rev’It’s 20th anniversary celebrations. It’s a designation since the company’s creative director, Gerbrandt Aarts, pulled out all the stops to bring together a team of artists, designers, and engineers to build the bike and bring it to life.

Guys like Gregor Haled, Chris Cosentino, and Scott Kolb, were all asked to be part of the project that will build what Rev’It believes will be the “ultimate” adventure project.

The bike itself is based on a KTM 950 Super Enduro, although you probably wouldn’t recognize the 950 because the design team stripped and reassembled the bike’s configurations so many times until it had a design that imbibed Rev’It’s very own design philosophy.

Apart from its rather disheveled looks, the #95 is defined by a Christini 2WD conversion kit that was slapped into the custom bike, allowing it perform a variety of nifty mechanical functions, including the transfer of power off the countershaft sprocket through a custom-made system of gears and shafts all the way to the headstock where it’s converted create to two counter-rotating drive shafts. The kit allows the bike to deliver power to the front hub and prevent unnecessary torque from having its way with the bike’s steering.

The result is a one-off, custom bike that can squeeze out every last ounce of power it can muster while navigating through rough road conditions, all while looking as spunky as spunky can get.

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