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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne hasn’t been shy about his desire to see his company merge with General Motors, and has resorted to some unusually aggressive tactics to get what he wants.

First, came an email in March addressed directly to G.M. CEO Mary Barra, first reported by The New York Times, in which Marchionne outlined why it’s so essential for automakers to consolidate in the interest of cutting costs. Manufacturers spend billions independently developing duplicate technologies, and Marchionne reasons that loads of cash could be saved if companies merged or at least collaborated more — not an unreasonable line of thinking.

But G.M. wasn’t interested. Barra initially joked that she never got the email, saying that it may have gone to her spam folder, but later addressed Marchionne’s proposal. “There was an email that was very much vetted with management and our board,” she told reporters before G.M.’s annual shareholder’s meeting. “And after we reviewed that, we are committed to our plan. We think that’s in the best interest of General Motors shareholders, and we have strong support.”

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