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So you want a beefed-up Stang, but the GT350R ust doesn’t have the grunt you need? Well Shelby has another ace up its sleeve in the for on the GT. Check it out at

In 2007, Ford, Carroll Shelby and Ford Racing teamed up to create a new muscle car that would slot between the Mustang GT and the bonkers Shelby GT500. The result was the Shelby GT, which featured a 4.6-liter, V-8 engine tuned to generate 319 horsepower. Visual differences include a rear-spoiler delete, a retro Shelby hood scoop, and silver stripes. First available only as a coupe, the GT received a convertible version in 2008. Vista Blue, the color that would become the signature hue of the nameplate, was added the same year. Axed before 2009, the Shelby GT returned for the 2014 model year with 430 horsepower in base form and 624 ponies as the GT/SC. Now that the 2015 Mustang is already upon us, Shelby revised the GT for the second time with updated looks, an upgraded engine and a host of Ford Performance Parts.

Equipped with carbon-fiber body parts, a supercharged V-8 that cranks out 627 horses, three more when compared with the previous, range-topping GT/SC, this new Shelby GT is the most powerful Mustang wearing a Shelby badge as of 2015. Yes, it is more powerful than the 2016 GT350, although the GT is the kind of muscle car best tuned for running in a straight line rather than on a twisty track like the GT350. Keep reading to find out more about Shelby American’s latest muscle car.

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