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Subaru has recently strayed from its roots of building quirky cars that did things others couldn’t think of doing. Funky do-it-all cars like the Legacy Outback, Legacy Wagon and the Brat define yesteryear for Suby, but now the Japanese automaker seems more focused on mainstream cars. That said, the XV Crosstrek with its funky looks, 8.7 inches of ground clearance, compact hatchback-like size, and standard all-wheel drive is everything Subaru one was. Since its debut in 2013, the funky XV Crosstrek has scratched and clawed its way to becoming the automaker’s No. 3 selling car. For 2015, Subaru has decided to celebrate the perched hatchback’s success by releasing a limited-edition XV Crosstrek Special Edition.

Limited to only 1,000 units, this special XV Crosstrek is based on the middle-of-the-pack 2.0i Premium trim level and adds in a slew of upgraded features and an exclusive paint job. Sure, it may not be packed with super-exclusive features, but its limited availability and smattering of premium features may make it worth the extra bucks you’ll need to shell out to get one.

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