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The sales numbers from motorcycle companies in the US indicated as much, but now I’m happy to confirm that the US motorcycle industry has posted improved numbers across the board in 2014 compared to 2013. Pop open the bubbly, ladies and gentlemen!

According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, participating motorcycle manufacturers reported selling a total of 483,526 motorcycles in 2014, a 3.8-percent improvement from its numbers in 2013. Growth was seen in all segments except scooters, but I venture a guess that nobody’s going to complain about that.

The biggest winner among all segments was the off-road market, which saw an 11-percent increase in sales with 81,013 sold units in 2013. The dual-sports segment segment also posted a small bump in sales, increasing by 3.6 percent in 2014 with 81,013 units sold. Likewise, on-road sales, which accounted for a majority of the sold units in the US with 334,488 purchases, increased by three percent in 2014 compared to 2013.

The only segment that reported a loss was the scooter segment. Sales from that part of the business slowed down by 3.5 percent with 33,528 units compared to the 34,742 units sold in 2013.

The healthy sales numbers from last year is a boon to the motorcycle industry as its popularity continues to soar in recent years. It’s not out of the imagination to suggest that we could very well see a year when US consumers buy a total of 500,000 motorcycles in a given year. With the way things are going, that year just might be 2015.

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