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Ah yes, the fully-loaded Bimmer. The car that was once affordable turned almost completely unattainable. There are, of course, many levels to this equation. The top trim of the i8, for example, is a mere $11,000 above starting price, but considering that it takes $136,000 just to get in the door, it’s not really indicative of the overall trend.

To see the full power of the BMW options list, we must go a bit deeper into Munich’s catalog, off to a place that looks more conventional, traditional, and relatively affordable. An everyday model, if you will. Something like the new M4. This vehicle starts at $64,200, which is more than I can afford, but hey, someone is buying it. If you happen to be such an individual, be careful with that pen – check too many boxes, and you’re looking at a number quickly approaching six figures.

Thankfully, not all that money is necessarily put towards a concierge service and parking assist. The wiser consumer would instead opt for things like carbon-ceramic brakes, a steering wheel trimmed in Alcantara and leather, a titanium exhaust system, and carbon-fiber aerodynamic enhancements.

That’s the kind of options package that makes sense to me. You can keep the new floor mats and extra storage pockets. As is evident from this video, such extras are inconsequential when setting a personal fastest lap around an industrial park.

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Video: BMW M4 Fully Loaded With M Performance Parts originally appeared on topspeed.com on Tuesday, 17 February 2015 10:00 EST.

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