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What the hell is that thing? Some sort of weird concept? Maybe Volvo’s sorry attempt to enter rally racing? Nope, that dear readers is the new Volvo S60 Cross Country. Yup, the AMC Eagle segment is reborn!!! All hail the jacked up, AWD sedan segment!

Having expanded the V60 range to include a Cross Country model in 2014, Volvo has now launched a similar package for the S60. Yes, that’s not a spelling error, the compact sedan now has a crossover version of its own, with all of the bits and pieces that made the V60 Cross Country one of the greatest wagon-based crossover, minus the massive storage area in the rear. Introduced at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show and scheduled to go on sale later in the year, the S60 Cross Country gives Volvo bragging rights as the only manufacturer to sell a crossover-like sedan. Sure, the S60 isn’t the first of its kind, but both the Legacy-based Subaru Outback Sedan and the AMC Eagle are long gone.

More importantly, Volvo’s perched sedan is the first such configuration to come in a luxury package and I can’t help wonder whether the S60 Cross Country will influence other compact sedans to don on a crossover suit in the near future. Meanwhile, Volvo’s “unique expression of adventure and all-road readiness” rides on its own globally as far as body styling goes. Read on for the full run-down.

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