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Reviews of the Type 991 Porsche 911 GT3 are always going to come down to one thing: the transmission. That because the GT3 isn’t offered with a manual transmission anymore, and the purists have been predictably outraged about it. So the fact that XCar titled its GT3 review “Don’t Sweat The Gearbox” shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. To the reviewer’s credit, he manages to cover some other parts of the car first, and though the transmission is the most important part of the review, it’s not the only part.

The closest that a street legal 911 comes to being a race car is the GT3 RS, but the non-RS GT3 isn’t far behind, and as the reviewer points out here, even the “regular” mode for the suspension is what most would consider sport mode. This is one of the big reasons for the PDK instead of a three-pedal manual, it simply shifts faster than a human can; and if you’re really serious about a no-compromises approach to performance, then you have to go with the fastest option. The other big reason for the PDK is that people weren’t buying manuals, simple as that.

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