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Much like Ferrari used to be, McLaren is more a racing team than it is a maker of road cars. Even though McLaren Automotive has technically been a separate entity from the Formula 1 team since 2009, a racing team mentality can still be seen at work in how its road cars are built. This consists primarily of incremental and evolutionary changes to the cars, lots of them, and frequently. This is why the 12C, which was only just launched in 2011, has already been replaced by the 650S, and this has now been joined in the lineup by the 675LT, a tweaked version of the 650S.

That’s a lot of fiddling in just a few short years, and McLaren has given every indication that it will continue to carry on in this fashion. In this video, XCar takes a look at the 2015 650S and talks a bit about how it differs from the 12C, as well as how that McLaren tendency to tinker with designs in order to go just a bit faster was inherited from the company founder, Bruce McLaren. It’s almost more of a review of the company than the car, but it’s a car that has been around for a year already, so the different perspective isn’t a bad thing.

XCAR Reviews McLaren 650S: Video originally appeared on on Saturday, 2 May 2015 18:00 EST.

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