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Yamaha Jupiter MX Modifications

Yamaha jupiter mx modifications can be said is actually tricky depending on how you look and create your own in finding Sparepart jupiter mx is certainly not just any shop or garage sale. And most important to prepare the budget or the budget to modif latest yamaha jupiter mx according to taste. The following modifications to the image I give the motor a pretty cool jupiter mx tp with bugjet rather cheap.

Yamaha Jupiter MX Modifications

The flow of this modification is very clear under the motor, motorcycle drag racing bike. This option is due to muscular looks and splashy. No one did, the figure of Jupiter turns frightening, especially supported by the use of color on the pas.Baik body in a choice of variety, especially the style modification in the model below rather on what style of racing. At Jupiter MX baseball just below body who gets a new color, but also the rim. With a coating of paint to make a standard rim becomes visible istimewa.Di Below are some images Modified Racing Style Yamaha Jupiter MX is probably one only place you like and can be made an example to model your bike.

Modifications Jupiter MX:
CDI: BRT Neo Dualband Coils: Kitaco Air Filter: PSM Exhaust: HRP racing varnish Handle BRAKE / CLUTCH: Bungbon Tires Front / Rear for motor modifications Jupiter MX: FDR Genzi 80/80-17, 70/80-17 Genzi FDR Gear Set: 15:38 T CMS (Gold) Chain: Gold SSS 415 Handle Grip: ProTaper Future modifications Jupiter MX Shock: Up Side Down LHK Rear shock: YSS (White) Rear swing arm: Supertrack Master Rear brake: Kitaco Footstep: NUI Racing Project Hose Brakes Front / Rear: PSM Wheels Front / Rear: R17 DID ” Spakbor Home: Drag Type Front disc: OKW Rear disc: Sunstar (Ori) Swing arm stabilizer: TDH

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