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As the entire world goes crazy about what color a certain dress is – it’s white and gold, by the way – I found myself sifting through Yamaha’s 30th anniversary celebration for the VMAX, a bike that has redefined a segment of the industry in turn has turned itself into one of the most iconic Yamaha models in history.

We’ve already seen a handful of these celebratory yard builds, but the one commissioned to Cologne-based custom builder Jens von Brauck ranks right up there. See, von Brauck has long been a fan of the VMAX, even crediting the bike as one of the biggest reasons why he became so passionate about motorcycles, all at the tender age of 15.

30 years later, von Brauck’s love for the VMAX has never waned and it manifests itself through this fantastic yard build. His work is so fine it more than validated Yamaha’s decision to enlist him with the task of putting it all together.

Don’t believe me? Well, Yamaha Motor Europe Product Manager Shun Miyazawa said so himself, calling von Brauck’s work as a fitting “homage to the origins of the VMAX, but also hints at the performance of tomorrow.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Kenji Ekuan would’ve been proud.

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Yard Built VMAX Infrared by JvB-moto originally appeared on on Friday, 27 February 2015 16:00 EST.

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